Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 you cannot stop me if you tried

2009 had its ups and downs - its challenges, rewards, disappointments, moments of great joy and immense despair, there was anxiety and expectations, love and blessings, realizations and fear...

so for 2010 I am open - ready for the new challenges life throws my way and I will not allow anyone to hold me back, so don't even try because you might get hurt.

I draw my strength from my boys - Phoenix who is my POWERHOUSE and Zane who is our absolute perfect SUNSHINE - they make me happy and I love them both to pieces.

2010 is looking pretty bright - we're leaving the gloomy remnants of 2009 behind - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind - we're letting the good energy in.

I hope you are all as lucky as me xoxo Lydia

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Unknown Mami said...

I hope 2010 proves to be a fantastic year for you!